Trapped in Friend Zone Hell? Here’s Why

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Does this sound like you?


You’re sick and tired of feeling stuck in friend zone hell. You’re dreading hearing a hollo sounding “let’s just be friends” speech from another pretty blonde who then promptly vanishes in a puff of smoke. Your major case of blue balls’ has turned your walk into a shambling shuffle due to repeated failed attempts to win over a hot female friend. And, you’re pissed-off with being The Guy who provides women with a shoulder to cry on after they’ve been dumped.


How do I know?


Sadly, I’ve ridden the creaking, rickety, decrepit train to the ravaged wasteland of friend zone hell four times. In fact, I’ve been there so often that a leering, looming, and slightly bemused Daemon has had a red hot poker engraved with my initials.


But, I no longer have to worry about returning for a fifth trip, because I’ve learned the secret to communicating with women I find attractive. As a result, my attitude towards dating women has been radically transformed.


Want to learn this secret?


If you answered Yes, then keep reading because, in this post, you’ll discover:

  • The real reason you’re banished to the friend zone.
  • The secret art of breaking free with any new women you’re interested in.
  • An excellent tip for discussing the possibility of a romantic relationship with any special cutie your heart is set upon.


Ready to dive in?


The Real Reason You’ve Been Banished To Friend Zone Hell.


Let me explain the real reason you’re doomed to the friend zone by telling you a story about Rob and Sharron…


Picture this scene…


Rob and Sharon are cozily curled-up on a sofa, beneath a blanket, while they binge-watch Game of Thrown’s…
Rob has his skinny arm draped around Sharron’s shoulders, and he feels the tickle of her warm breath upon his neck, as her head is resting upon his chest.
Rob takes the occasional sneaky sniff of Sharon’s blond hair. He thinks to himself, “Dam, she smells good, like apple blossoms on a dewy morning.”


The pair have been close friends ever since they met during a business conference two years ago.
But, Sharon has no idea that she fills Rob’s every waking moment; he sees her sweet smile in the time before drifting off to sleep. He felt a sparkle of electricity when her fingers brushed a loose strand of hair from his forehead. And he re-plays phone messages so that he can hear her warm and soothing voice.


So, Rob’s been planning this special evening on the sofa for weeks. It’s special because he’s going to tell Sharon how he truly feels…


However, there’s a BIG problem that is holding him back…


Rob has a flaming red daemon sitting on his left shoulder, and a shimmering white angel perched on his right.


Man kept in the friend zone
Rob will need to defeat this pesky devil to escape friend zone hell


“Just pause the show, take her by the hands, look her deep in the eyes and tell her how you feel,” Rob’s angel proclaims with arms spread wide and a dazzling smile.
“What! Don’t listen to that dick! The bitch will look disgusted and howl with laughter in your stupid face.” Rob’s Daemon screeches as he falls off Rob’s shoulder in a passionate fury.


As a result, Rob is frozen by indecisiveness because these two adversaries are constantly battling inside his head.


And so, Rob never tells Sharon how he feels, the evening draws to an end, and she heads home. Naturally, Rob is left alone on his sofa with his head held in his hands, because his Daemon is cackling with glee for crushing Rob’s spirit and dooming him to friend zone hell.


Man feeling stuck in friend zone hell
If Rob refuses to change, then he’ll NEVER get the girl


Want to know the name of this soul-crushing Daemon who banishes Rob to the friend zone?


The name of Rob’s Daemon is fear.


You see, the truth is that deep-down, Rob is fearful he’s worthless, terrified that he is not good enough, desperately frightened of rejection. Consequently, Rob’s fear dooms him to the friend zone because it results in him communicating in an ineffective way towards the women he desires a romantic relationship.


For example, Rob’s fear affects his communication style and behaviour towards Sharon in the following ways:

  • Rob is continually communicating a desperate desire for Sharon’s approval.
  • Rob spends hours on the phone listening to Sharon complain about a jerk she’s recently been dating.
  • Rob makes himself to readily available. For instance, if Sharon calls at midnight to help her move the following day, he will instantly cancel his other plans.


So, how about you?


Has your fear meant you’ve been living out a cold, bleak, and lonely existence in the friend zone?


Has your fear been holding you back from romantic relationships filled with love, joy, and passionate sex?


Maybe just a little? 🙂


But Don’t Worry! Because you’ve already taken the first step out of friend zone hell by clearly identifying that fear is the adversary to overcome. And so, you’re now ready to take the next essential action by learning the secret to getting what you want in your dating and love life.


The Secret Art Of Breaking Free From Friend Zone Hell.


Have you heard of a living legend known by 1000’s as the King of Verbal Seduction?




Well, I’m delighted to provide you with an introduction, for reasons which will become apparent shortly.


The King of Verbal Seduction (aka Alan Roger Currie) is an author, dating coach, and professional speaker. Alan teaches men the secret art of communicating their sexual and/or romantic intentions, wants, and desires to women.


For instance, in his best-selling book, ‘MODE ONE: Let The Women Know What You’re REALLY Thinking,’ Alan lays out a clear and radical framework that will empower you to experience your desired sexual and/or romantic relationships. Basically, in MODE ONE, Alan argues that most guys fail in their romantic pursuits because they fall into three counter-productive communication styles. Frankly, I won’t be breaking-down these three categories for you here, because a 2186 word post won’t be able to really articulate Alan’s masterpiece. Plus, I guarantee you that once you read MODE ONE, your outlook on life, and how you approach women will be transformed.


But, stick with me here, because I’m going to offer you one of Alan’s purls of wisdom for escaping the friend zone.


Quite simply, Alan strongly suggests the secret to quickly and effectively breaking-out of the friend zone is to engage with women using a bold and straight-forward communication style. Furthermore, he explains that honestly expressing your authentic desires is guaranteed to cut through the bullshit, game playing, and confusion, which permeates dating.


So, what the MODE ONE message boils down too is communicating your sexual and/or romantic desires with courage + intention.


Your courage will set you free


Let’s expand upon this MODE ONE idea of communicating with courage + intention by going back and considering Rob’s fretful dilemma …


Imagine that we’ve rewound the clock and traveled back through time to the point when Rob and Sharon first met.


Now, let’s suppose that they barely know each other, and they’ve been chatting for a few minutes after hearing a conference speaker, and Rob realizes that he’s attracted to Sharon. We’ll also assume he’s read MODE ONE, and he’s ready to honestly express his desires with courage + intention.


So, Rob takes a deep-breath, conkers his fear, and uses courage to honestly express his intention towards Sharon by saying:


“I find you extremely attractive, and I’d like to take you out for a coffee date next Monday at 4pm to see if there is chemistry between us; how does that sound to you?”.


Sounds silly? It’s not…


In fact, the truth is that Rob receives five benefits by honestly communicating his desires with courage + intention :

  1. Rob is clearly communicating his desire for Sharon. And so, there’s no room for confusion or ambiguity.
  2. Rob has proven to himself that he can use his courage to master his fear. Hence, he’ll be able to build upon this further into the future.
  3. If Sharon says yes, Rob has a coffee date arranged with a hot girl he’s interested in for next Monday at 4pm.
  4. If Sharon says no, Rob has saved himself from years of wasted time, effort, and heartache spent on pursuing a woman who isn’t romantically interested in him.
  5. Plus, if Sharon says no, then Rob will stand out in her mind as a guy who has the balls to go after what he wants. As a result, she introduces Rob to her friend Michelle, which is just the beginning of a passionate romance.


So, What’s the moral of this story?


Rob is far more captivating and fascinating to women because he’s learned a life-changing communication skill that has the power to dramatically transform his love life…


Sounds good?


But wait…


Let me take a wild guess. I’m betting you are sitting there and saying something like… “No way, you want me to tell women I’m attracted to them? They’ll freak out!”


Don't allow fear to keep you in the friend zone
Stop listening to your fear


Can you see how quickly your fear undermines your confidence and sabotages your success?


I think Albert Einstein put it best when he said, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.”


Here’s the bottom line… if you’re going to allow fear to stand in the way of a fulfilling love life, then you may as well buy a one-way ticket to the fiery depths of friend zone hell.


But, you want to avoid that, right?


An Excellent Tip For Escaping The Friend Zone With That Special Cutie.


First of all, you need to clarify your romantic and/or sexual intentions towards this woman. For example, do you want her as your girlfriend? For casual dating? A friend with benefits?

Next, you’ll sit down with her to communicate your romantic/sexual intentions.


Want an excellent tip for getting this conversation started?


In a Men’s Health article, Holly Richmond, Ph.D., a sex therapist based in the U.S., suggests that you take the lead in the conversation by beginning with a variation of the following:

I’m curious if you’d be interested in being more than friends?”


The key here is the phrase “I’m curious” because it frames the conversation as an invitation for you and the woman in question to discuss a relationship possibility. Otherwise, you may come across as being overly demanding and inconsiderate about your friend’s feelings. Furthermore, in the article, Dr. Richmond highlights the importance of communicating that if your friend’s answer is No, then that’s okay. This is important because your friend may start worrying about hurting your feelings and how to let you down gently. Therefore, I encourage you to communicate that it’s okay for them to say No by saying something like the following:


“I’m curious to see what you think about the possibility of us taking our friendship in a new direction? Basically, I’m interested to see if there is romantic chemistry between us. But, before you answer, I want you to know that it’s okay to say No.”


Now, if the answer is no, then that’ll be a real bummer. However, I want you to appreciate her response with the respect, grace, and dignity it deserves. In other words, don’t act like a DICK. Frankly, some guys will act like entitled toddlers when they’re turned down by a woman. As if they have a claim to that woman’s vagina. For example, they’ll call their ‘friend’ a bitch and a whore, they’ll post nasty comments about their ‘friend’ on social media, they’ll bad-mouth there ‘friend’ to anyone that will listen.


Woman looking upset after friend zone argument
If her answer is No, then don’t act like a dick!


But, I know that I don’t need to worry about you because you’re a mature man who respects women, right?


Plus, think about her No like ripping off a plaster (or Band-Aid for my American friends); you experience a momentary sting as the dressing is pulled off. But, once it’s over, then you realize the pain wasn’t so bad after all. In other words, yes, the initial rejection may hurt, but the truth is that you’ll save yourself years of wasted time, pent-up frustration, and heart-break.


Even better, Her No means you’re freedom!


You’re now free to go off for sexy, exciting, passionate, loving adventures with women dreaming of a guy like you to come along and rock their world!


Sounds pretty awesome, right?


Find The Courage To Break FREE!


You’ve been desperately battling a screeching, flaming, demonic adversary.
An adversary who has imprisoned you in the fiery pit of friend zone hell.


But, you now hold a bright and shining key that has the power to set you free.


Your key is the courage to act, the courage to defeat fear, the courage to go after what you truly desire in life, the courage to magnificently, gracefully, remarkably break free from the friend zone for good!


So, what are you waiting for?


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