Never Had A Girlfriend? Here’s Why

Image which illustrates a man who has never had a girlfriend

Do you feel like romantic poison?


You feel the corrosive drip, drip, drip upon your self-esteem every time a friend begins a new relationship.


I mean, you’re happy to see your friends dreamy, in love, blissful smile, but every so often you feel like punching his stupid teeth through the back of his stupid head!


Yet, you know that this hostility isn’t really about your buddy.


It’s really about that wretched feeling of inadequacy that started to wrott inside as a teenager when your friends all headed out with a girl on a Saturday night. It’s really about you being a good looking, successful, intelligent guy, but cringing when you hear the dreaded ‘let’s just be friends’ speech from another pretty brunet who then promptly vanishes into a puff of smoke. It’s really about the sexual rejection, the fear of being alone, and the embarrassment that you’ve never had a girlfriend.


I want you to know that you’re not alone, I resonate with your pain because I’ve been there myself.


I’ve spent 100’s of hours working with fellow warriors who have never had a girlfriend, and I’ve discovered that six common types tend to emerge.


Which of the following types sounds like you? NOTE: Don’t worry if you relate to more than one… heck… I’ve most likely had embarrassing conversations with women, where at different points, I’ve been all six.


Type 1: The Pedestal Builder.

You place women onto a pedestal, believing that an angelic being like her would never fly down from the heavens to mate with a Meir mortal like you.


Your pedestal building creates an abyss between you and the desired woman. Because you’re filling that gap with bullying questions which cause a stinking, festering dark stain upon your self-confidence – “Why am I such a looser with women? Why have I never had a girlfriend? Why do all my friends have partners?”


Eventually, this corrosive effect upon your self-esteem leads you to conclude that you’re romantically defective in some fundamental way.


The Pedestal Builders First Bold Step.

You start by recognizing that, like you, women are also perfectly imperfect humans.


You traverse the abyss by acknowledging each woman as a unique being, with their hopes, dreams, strengths, fears, insecurities, and imperfections.


Type 2: The Unicorn Hunter.

You’re galloping after a silvery-white unicorn because you expect to capture and possess this fantasy creature.


You’ve never had a girlfriend because you’re galloping after your ideal fantasy girl. Anything less than the perfect ass, the perfect breasts, the perfect face, won’t grab your attention.


So, you end up missing out on amazing women because you’re looking for their flaws… Nope to the attractive blond from last week due to her slightly crooked front teeth, nope to the female colleague due to her snorting laugh, nope to the cute brunet at the gym due to her wearing too much pink.


The Unicorn Hunter’s First Bold Step.

You start by looking for and celebrating each woman’s unique beauty.


You’ll shatter the fantasy when you begin rejoicing in a woman’s wonder, the beauty of this living, breathing, natural piece of art standing before you.


Type 3: The Gambler.

You’re sitting at a roulette table, and you eagerly throw down your house and car keys, to gamble on 11. However, you’re left feeling cheated, lost, and confused when your number doesn’t come up.


You eagerly throw yourself in every time a vaguely attractive woman shows interest. You gamble by daydreaming about wedding bells chiming, your picket fence around your home, and your two children playing on the back garden swing.


However, you’re left feeling cheated, lost, and confused when you ask her out, and she doesn’t ecstatically jump into your outstretched arms.


You believe deep down that the two of you are meant to spend your lives together. So, you’ll choose to wait, praying for the wondrous day when she comes to her senses.


The Gamblers First Bold Step.

You start by investing time, money, and passion into developing yourself.


You’ll realize that women pursue a man who views himself as powerful, worthwhile, and valuable because this subliminally communicates that guy is capable of embracing her in the same way.


Type 4: The Chameleon.

You deflect attention through a Chameleon-like ability to vanish into the background.


You’ve never had a girlfriend because your social camouflage means you wear an agreeable mask that conceals you’re real thoughts, opinions, preferences, and emotions. You’re deflecting attention because you’re terrified of conflict, disapproval, and offending others.


As a result, you dress in drab colors, your voice sounds dispassionate, and you don’t ping on a woman’s romantic RADAR as potential boyfriend material.


The Chameleon’s First Bold Step.

You start by developing a strong, powerful, and clearly defined social identity, as a woman will respond to a man who knows who he is and what he wants.


You’ll notice women swooning around you when you drop the agreeable mask and begin clearly expressing your thoughts, preferences, opinions, and emotions.


Type 5: The Self-Rejector.

You look into a mirror, and you savagely reject the man staring back.


All the mirror shows is the misleading, shattered reflection of your true-self. It highlights the glaring flaws, the imperfections, the stinging rejections. As a result, your brain concocts stories about why you’ve never had a girlfriend… You’re too tall; you’re too short, you’re too poor, you’re too rich, you’re not the right color, your nose is too big, etc.


Therefore, you’ve never had a girlfriend because you save women the trouble of rejecting you as you’ve already rejected yourself.


The Self-Rejectors First Bold Step.

You start by accepting and celebrating-the man in the mirror.


You’ll discover that a man who can embrace his faults, vulnerabilities, imperfections, strengths, hopes, and talents is far more capable of developing an authentic and satisfying connection with the women he meets.


Type 6: The Backward Glancer.

You’re glancing into your rear-view mirror as you drive down the relationship highway, all you see behind you are the lonely and empty miles.


You’re glancing into the past, and you fixate upon a lack of experience with women. All you see are the punishing near misses; the phony let’s just be friends speeches, and the scalding rejections.


As a result of this backward glancing, you’ve developed a distorted assumption that your future will look the same. Therefore, you’re rarely present enough to take in your surroundings, which means you miss opportunities to connect with interested and alluring women, such as the gorgeous hitchhiker who is hoping a guy like you is going her way.


The Backward Glancers First Bold Step.

You start by daring to change in the present to improve your future miraculously.


You change your present by learning to embrace uncertainty, by not allowing your past to define your future and by continuing to step boldly forward.


Take The First Bold Step Into Freedom.


Never had a girlfriend answer
The truth will set you free


You’ve been held back by clanking, rusting, heavy shackles.

You’ve been dragging them around for so long that you’ve become oblivious to the weight.

Your shackles have kept you isolated at home, alone, without someone special to hold in your arms on a dank, dark, and long winters night.


So, let me ask you this…


How can you unshackle yourself, and take that first bold step into freedom?


Picture doing that in your mind… See yourself smashing your crippling shackles, see yourself taking that first bold step, see yourself standing proud, standing victorious, standing with the sort of woman that brings you to your knees to thank god you’re a man.


The fact that you’ve never had a girlfriend in the past doesn’t define you as a man, because you have the power within to start a mind-blowing relationship with a captivating, delightful and desirable woman.


So, decide right now to get out of your own way and find her, because she’s waiting for you!



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