How To Overcome the Symptoms of Anxiety in Men

Overcoming symptoms of anxiety in men
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Admit it,


You’re exhausted by the long and sleepless nights due to the battle that begins to rage the moment your head hits the pillow. It’s a fight that kicks-off when that weaselly little voice in the back of your mind starts to play the What If worry game.


You know the What If worry game, right? It goes something like this:


What if I lose my job? What if I can’t pay my rent? What if my partner leaves me?


Your desperate pleads to the little weasel to stop never seem to work… “No, No, No, everything is fine, shut-up, and let me BLOODY SLEEP!”


Your days aren’t much better because a volcano of anger is continuously on the brink of erupting. As a result, you end-up slamming fists into walls, verbally lashing out at those you love, and you’re wound up tighter than a coiled spring.


If the above sounds familiar, then you’re not alone. The truth is that many of the men I work with are grappling with the same problem. Sadly, it’s a problem caused by our modern times. Essentially, our society has given men the message that the only acceptable emotions for them to express are anger and aggression.


However, the opposite is true. You see, men are capable of experiencing a whole plethora of exquisite emotional states, such as passion, love, joy, sadness, excitement…, and anxiety.


So, how do you reverse this societal conditioning? How do you expand your emotional band-with? How do you start feeling calmer and more centered?


Put simply, your first step is to recognize the distinctions between your range of emotional states. And, you achieve that by developing a keen awareness of the symptoms of each emotion.


So, to get you started, I’ve pulled together a definitive list of the most common symptoms of anxiety in men. In addition to that, I’ve also included three tremendous treatment strategies for beating fear and anxiety for good.


Let’s take that first step together.


Breaking-down the Symptoms of Anxiety in Men.


Pie chart that illustrates breaking down the signs of anxiety
A man’s anxiety can be divided into three categories


Broadly-speaking, men’s anxiety symptoms can be broken down into three categories: physical, emotional, and lifestyle.


Physical Symptoms of Anxiety In Men.

NOTE: I’d like to give a shout out to the folks over at Men’s Minds Matter for providing their comprehensive list upon which the following is based:

  • Racing, or pounding heart
  • Excessive sweating
  • Muscle tension
  • Restlessness or agitation
  • Dizziness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feelings of choking
  • Panic attacks
  • Insomnia
  • Mental fogginess
  • Trembling
  • Churning stomach
  • Dry mouth
  • Erectile Dysfunction, or low sex drive


Emotional Symptoms of anxiety in men:

NOTE: The Better Health Channel proved to be an incredible resource for compiling the following list.

  • Catastrophic thinking (believing that if this one thing goes wrong, then EVERYTHING will go wrong)
  • Avoidance (moving or backing away from potential sources of threat)
  • Feelings of dread
  • Concentration problems
  • Irritability, or edginess
  • Being overly vigilant towards danger
  • Absentmindedness
  • Fear of losing control.
  • All, or nothing thinking (a tendency to view problems in a black and white way).


Lifestyle Signs of Anxiety in Men.

NOTE: This Men’s Health post inspired the following list

  • Avoiding dating due to a fear of rejection, abandonment, or heart-break.
  • Stuck in a dissatisfying job
  • Obsessing and worrying over social status
  • Substance or alcohol misuse.
  • Strained relationships with co-workers, family members, friends, or partners.
  • Worrying over body image, including hair loss, weight, height, etc.
  • Anger, or aggressiveness.


Revealing the Little-Known Truth Behind Anxiety.


Silhouette of a man jumping for joy to illustrate understanding the signs of stress
This guy FINALLY gets why he’s anxious all of the time


Before we review the most effective strategies for overcoming anxiety symptoms in men, allow me to reveal the little-known truth behind what causes your anxiety.


Our anxieties are essentially caused by the limiting beliefs we hold regarding people, situations, and outcomes. Often, limiting beliefs are described as the stories that we tell ourselves that hold us back from achieving our full potential. Generally speaking, disempowering beliefs are based upon negative experiences that we encounter during our lives. For example, a significant source of my anxiety has been a deep routed limiting belief that I’m not good enough. Typically, my not being good enough anxiety would leak out in obvious and subtle ways.


The obvious signs that I was caught up in a vicious cycle of judging myself as not being good enough included harsh judgments about myself… “A woman like her would never be interested in a loser like me,” “I must be a shit writer because I can barely string a sentence together this morning,” “I must be an awful person because I snapped at my friend today”.


The subtle symptoms usually presented themselves in a physical way… a cringing feeling that would start in my stomach and gradually spread to my shoulders as if I were anticipating a blow, a background sense of lingering sadness, an outburst of blistering & white-hot anger, etc.


Are you starting to see why this limiting belief of not being good enough would cause my anxiety to skyrocket?


Let me walk you through an example of how this disempowering belief would trigger my anxiety so that you have a clearer understanding of how this process applies to your own life.


I firstly became aware of this limiting belief of not being good enough during my training to become a Counsellor. You see, part of this training included a weekly role-play in groups of three. Basically, one student would role-play being the Counsellor, one trainee would be the Client, and the third person would act as an Observer.


Now, I used to dread these torturous weekly role-plays because I hated feeling under pressure to perform and my peers’ scrutiny. I clearly remember one particular session because it provided me with a visceral understanding of how judging myself as not being good enough was such an anxiety triggering problem.


Picture this scene…


I’m sitting in a triad with my fellow trainee Counselors, and I’ve just finished my turn as the Counsellor. I’m taking a moment to self-reflect and thinking… “ok, that wasn’t too bad, there were areas that I could have done better, but overall I thought that went ok.”




That’s the point when the Observer provided their feedback, that’s the point when my not good enough story started playing like a broken record, that’s the point when I felt myself starting to crumble inside.


Specifically, the breakdown of this story-telling sequence went something like this:

  1. I hear the Observer’s feedback.
  2. My subconscious mind filters this information through a disempowering belief of not being good enough. As a result, the impersonal feedback is translated into harsh criticism.
  3. My neutral emotional state suddenly transforms into heightened anxiety as if a switch was flipped.
  4. My anxious state triggers a range of physical responses, including cringing, tightening in my stomach and face.
  5. My conscious mind is flooded with critical thoughts that buzz and swirl like a hive of angry bees… “I’m so shit at this, that was terrible, I’ll never get this right.”


And what’s worse?


Now, as I’m looking back on this not good enough story-telling sequence, I realize that I would play that broken record at least five times, EVERY FRICKING DAY! So, no wonder I was a nervous wreck and wound-up tighter than a branch wielding Basil Fawlty.



Why is understanding this cause and effect relationship between your limiting beliefs and anxiety levels important?


The answer is that we need to use a fool-proof strategy for treating the cause of anxiety, rather than merely treating the symptoms.


Sounds good?




Because that’s what we’ll be diving into in the third treatment strategy below. But, before we get to that, we’ll also be reviewing a super-simple technique for soothing the symptoms of anxiety in men. Furthermore, we’ll be covering the lifestyle choices that are guaranteed to nurture a state of calm.


Three Remarkable Strategies for Overcoming the Symptoms of Anxiety in Men.


Soothe Anxiety with a Super-Simple Technique.


How to sooth the symptoms of anxiety in men
You’re one breath away from finding piece of mind


An easy to use, sensational, and straightforward strategy that I teach my clients, who suffer from heightened anxiety, and panic, is called 7/11 breathing. This technique reduces anxiety symptoms in men because it activates a region of your physiology known as the Parasympathetic nervous system. Basically, the Parasympathetic Nervous System is responsible for regulating functions such as rest, recovery, digestion, and sexual arousal.


Personally, I use 7/11 breathing in those moments when I’m feeling overwhelmed by stress, because I’ve found that this practical technique helps me to relax quickly and calm down.


Here is how ridiculously easy 7/11 breathing is to do:

  1. Breathe in deeply for a count of seven seconds.
  2. Hold your breath for two seconds.
  3. Breathe out for a count of eleven seconds.
  4. Repeat this pattern for five to ten minutes, or as long as it takes for you to feel calmer.

Note: Ensure that you’re using deep diaphragmatic breaths, which means your belly-button moves to the bottom on an out-breath and the top on an in-breath.


If you’re new to 7-11 breathing, then check out the video below for a guided demonstration:



Before you move onto the second treatment strategy, I’d like you to perform three rounds of 7/11 breathing right now so that you’ll remember how to do it the next time your anxiety is beginning to churn.


In fact, let’s give this a try together…




So, breath in for a count of 7… hold for 2…. Exhale for a count of 11… repeat for three rounds.


How do you feel right now? Relaxed, calm, centred?


Lifestyle Choices for Nurturing a State of Calm.

How to beat the signs of anxiety in men with exercise
You can exercise your way to a happier brain



Have you heard the expression Healthy Body, Healthy Mind?


If you haven’t, then you can probably guess that this proverb refers to the link between your physical fitness, and mental fitness. For example, according to this NCBI article, there is a clear relationship between exercise and improved mental wellbeing. Specifically, the authors suggest that even a brisk walk for 30 minutes three days a week is sufficient to experience improvements in the following areas:

  • Improved mood
  • Stress relief
  • Interest in sex
  • Better quality sleep
  • Increase in energy and stamina.
  • Social withdrawal.


Why does improved physical health have such a superb effect upon the symptoms of anxiety in men?


Firstly, in Exercise Your Way To A Better Brain, Blake Alec Miranda explains that regular physical exertion leads to long-term brain chemistry changes. Because regularly working-out results in a long-term increase in your Dopamine and Serotonin levels, which are your naturally occurring feel-good chemicals. Secondly, working-out flushes-out a region of the brain known as the amygdala. This collection of Neurones is the system that is responsible for regulating emotions. In other words, when you exercise, your clearing-out the region of the brain where stress and anxiety accumulate.


What this all boils down to is the fact that regular exercise results in a happy brain.


But exercise alone isn’t the only method for boosting the brain’s natural ability to combat anxiety symptoms in men. In fact, here are five scientifically-proven lifestyle strategies that are guaranteed to make all the difference to your anxiety beating efforts.

  1. Performing moderate to high-intensity exercise for 40-120 minutes per week
  2. Spending quality time with friends, or family
  3. Walking in nature
  4. Augmenting your diet with supplements including Vitamin D3, Omega-3, and 5HTP*.
  5. Eating an abundance of various vegetables, fruits, and non-processed meat.



I’ve found that using compounds such as 5HTP supports my anxiety levels because this supplement helps to optimize Serotonin’s brain’s production. However, I’d highly recommend conducting your research and discussing this with your doctor before introducing 5HTP into your diet. Furthermore, please DO NOT use 5HTP combined with any antidepressant or anxiety medication because this could lead to a potentially life-threatening condition.


Re-programming Limiting Beliefs to Beat Fear and Anxiety Automatically.


Hypnosis for overcoming the symptoms of anxiety in men
Your mind is the most powerful tool for beating fear and anxiety



Previously, we looked at the causal relationship between limiting beliefs and anxiety symptoms in men.


So, how do you re-program your disempowering beliefs so that you can automatically beat anxiety for good?


Personally, I’ve discovered that the quickest and easiest strategy for bringing about change at a belief level is through Clinical Hypnosis.


Clinical hypnosis is a useful psychological tool for treating a range of conditions, issues, and problems. Examples include weight loss, goal attainment, quitting smoking, etc. Hypnosis works by first guiding you into a deeply relaxed state. That means your subconscious mind is in an optimum condition for deep learning and life-changing transformation. Next, the Hypnotist will install empowering beliefs that are specifically designed to beat fear and anxiety automatically.


Sounds pretty amazing, right?


You’ll find plenty of freely available hypnosis sessions on YouTube… However, I highly recommend that my clients invest in the products available over hypnosis to defeat overwhelming anxiety symptoms in men permanently.


Why do I recommend the products at


Here are six excellent benefits you can expect to receive as a customer:

  1. Your hypnosis product will train your subconscious mind to quickly and easily overcome fear and anxiety so that you can approach life with unshakeable confidence and grace.
  2. You’ll feel calmer and more clear-headed because the Hypnosis session will train your Parasympathetic nervous system to enter into a deeply relaxed state.
  3. You can pop-on headphones and listen to your Hypnosis sessions in comfort and as often as you want.
  4. You’re guaranteed to receive a professionally packaged product because each Hypnosis session is designed and quality reviewed by four Psychologists who are experts in their field.
  5. If you purchase more than one hypnosis session, then you’ll receive multiple discounts.
  6. If you’re dissatisfied with your purchase, then offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.


I’ve personally been using the products for years. So, I have every confidence that including this strategy will make an essential difference in dramatically reducing your general anxiety levels.


So, once you’ve finished reading this post, then head over to, and grab a copy of their best-selling Beat Fear and Anxiety Hypnosis Pack.


“Anxiety is Excitement without Breathing.”

Fritz Purls


Imagine what it would be like if, over the next 90 days, you were to implement a combination of the three treatment strategies for beating the symptoms of anxiety in men?


Just suppose, for a moment, that at bedtime, when your head hits the pillow, you immediately drop into a refreshing and revitalizing sleep because playing torturous rounds of the What If Worry Game is a thing of the past.


But that’s not all…


Because you’ll have reversed the social conditioning, you’ll no longer be carrying that angry volcano inside; you’ll be so much happier and calmer.


Ultimately, you’re increased emotional bandwidth will mean you can start to experience life to its fullest..


And, isn’t that what you really want?


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